About Us

Our Firm

In founding our firm, we aimed at one goal: Excellence. Our attorneys come from the finest domestic and international firms. We bring the demanding professional standards and experience necessary to provide small firm service and big firm results.

As a growing minority-owned firm, we are sensitive to bringing together a diverse and rich range of experience to better serve our clients. We want to serve as a trusted business advisor to clients who grow with us. Our goal is to address our clients’ needs either through our own resources or through our network of highly qualified domestic and foreign professionals.

Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL does not want to be everything to everyone. ET Law is dedicated to doing one thing well – providing first class intellectual property services. We maintain our focus in order to provide our clients with the depth of knowledge and experience that they need in a complex and fast-changing field.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in complex trademark litigation. We manage trademark cases in the U.S. and abroad involving the needs and demands of start-up businesses and large multinational corporations. In protecting our clients’ rights, we are sensitive to the subtle interplay necessary with local and national governmental authorities. We balance aggressive litigation and cordial negotiation in order to achieve a fast and effective result.

In copyright matters we have briefed landmark cases to the U.S. Supreme Court and drafted complex international agreements. Our extensive background in software and Internet matters allows our practitioners to understand how best to register the related copyrights in order to obtain the necessary protection. Our copyright cases have included such diverse topics as royalty violations, database infringement and breach of software licenses.

We have handled patent litigations in many jurisdictions across the U.S. Our prosecution experience deepens and enriches our insight into litigation.

Because of our location in South Florida, our practice is well-versed in international issues. We consider border issues, multinational litigation, off-shore corporate structures, overseas registration and enforcement in devising strategies for our clients.

Minority Certified

Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL, PL is a certified, minority owned law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to its clients. Our firm strives to combine the high quality service expected from a leading firm with the attention, responsiveness and care-to-detail of a boutique specialty firm.

Diversity provides a treasure trove of life experiences, opinions, problem solving strategies, fresh ideas and perspectives that improves the quality of the legal services and enriches the workplace environment. Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL, PL knows the importance of diversity in the workplace and is committed to providing its clients with those benefits. The minority certification process comprised a comprehensive vetting process, including proof of ancestry, a showing of AV® rating status and recommendations from three Fortune® 500 clients. Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL, PL has been certified by the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC) and by the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF).


The SFMSDC was founded in 1975 by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Miami Progress Foundation for the purpose of fostering the development of minority-owned businesses throughout South Florida. The mission of the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council is to link Corporations and Government Agencies with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion.

The Council’s main function is to register and certify minority-owned businesses. The process ensures that these businesses are at least 51% minority-owned and operated in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). The SFMSDC is one of 38 regional councils affiliated with the NMSDC.


The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), founded in 2001, is a nonprofit trade association comprised of minority and women-owned law firms, business partners such as Adidas America, Inc., American Airlines, AT&T Corporation, Bellsouth Corporation, Burger King Corporation, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Eddie Bauer, Inc., Domino’s Pizza, Inc., The Coca Cola Company, Steelcase, Inc., Sun Chemical Corporation, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation; and other interested parties throughout the United States. NAMWOLF provides a two-fold benefit to its members and our marketplace: (1) to make available highly skilled and tested lawyers to effectively and competently represent the legal interests of larger companies; and (2) to ensure the long-term survival of high-quality minority and women-owned law firms.

Many companies interested in achieving diversity with outside professional services firms have historically focused almost exclusively on the utilization of minority and female attorneys positioned within larger firms.

Yet, the available data strongly suggests that these efforts have not resulted in diversity in the profession. It is NAMWOLF’s view that the most effective way for companies to increase diversity in the legal profession is to increase their retention of minority and women-owned law firms. We are a member of this great organization dedicated to giving its business partners access to the highest quality legal services by vetting minority and women owned law firms.

NAMWOLF’s Law Firm Membership is comprised of AV®-rated firms from across the country that have provided legal services to major corporate clients. In order to qualify for membership in NAMWOLF, a minority or women-owned firm must receive positive reviews by at least three Fortune® 500 companies. Firms must also be certified by a regional minority owned business council, thereby confirming that the firm is truly minority or women owned. Through these efforts, NAMWOLF has provided its corporate partners access to a previously vetted, highly qualified group of lawyers, and at the same time, has ensured the long-term survival of these minority and women-owned law firms.

Seminar Program

Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL is pleased to offer a free seminar series to our colleagues and clients. Each seminar is timed to last 45 minutes and is intended to be presented during a lunch or breakfast presentation. CLE credits are available. Please call Lisel Mansen or one of our attorneys at 305-854-0900 to schedule a seminar at your offices.