Copyright Basics

This seminar tries to give a general introduction to copyrights. It is intended to provide a somewhat broader but still basic understanding of copyright protection strategies. The goal is to provide the lay person and the non-IP practitioner with the ability to identify opportunities and dangers in developing a copyright portfolio. Emphasis is put in commercial aspects of copyright protection and not on entertainment law. Seminar level is BASIC.

Topics include:

I. What are Copyrights.

II. The Bundle of Rights.

III. Creation and Publication.

IV. Registration

A. Benefits of Registration

B. Duration of Copyright.

C. Application Process and Forms

.D. Joint Authors.

V. Derivative Works.

VI. Collective Works.

VII. Works Made for Hire.

VIII. International Protection – the Paris Convention.

IX. Infringement and Remedies.

A. Actual damages vs. statutory damages.

B. First Sale Rule.

C. Defenses.

X. Selling and Licensing Copyrights.

XI. Building a Copyright Portfolio.