Patent Basics

This seminar tries to give a general introduction to patents. It is intended to provide a somewhat broader but still basic understanding of patent rights and strategies. The goal is to provide the lay person and the non-IP practitioner with the ability to identify opportunities and dangers in developing a patent portfolio. Seminar level BASIC.

Topics include:

I. What is a patent.

II. Types of patents: utility, design and plant patents.

III. Patent searches.

A. Why do a search.

B. Novelty or patentability searches.

C. Clearance Searches.

D. Invalidity/prior art searches.

IV. Patent Application Process.

A. Requirements for application.

B. Provisional application.

C. Parts of an application.

D. Timing considerations.

E. Trade Secrets vs. Patent Protection.

F. Fees and Costs.

V. Patent Cooperation Treaty / Protection Abroad.

A. Selection of countries.

B. Fees and costs.

C. Non-treaty countries.

VI. Patent Term and Maintenance.

VII. Infringement and Remedies.

A. Reexamination.

B. Reissue.

VIII. Licensing Considerations.

IX. Selling Patent Rights.

X. Building a Patent Portfolio.