Protecting Trademarks and Copyrights at the Border

This seminar is a more advanced look at how to protect trademark and copyrights at the U.S. border. It is intended to provide an introduction to Customs and Border Protection and its regulations. The goal is to provide the lay person and the non-IP practitioner with the ability to identify opportunities and dangers in dealing with unauthorized imports. Seminar level is INTERMEDIATE.

Topics include:

I. Where is the Border?

II. Customs and Border Protection.

A. How is CBP organized?

B. What will CBP do for you?

C. How do you relate to CBP personnel?

III. Recordation of a trademark or copyright.

IV. Counterfeits.

V. Detention and Seizure.

VI. Petition.

VII Appeal.

VIII. What Information is Disclosed to the IP Owner?

IX. Parallel Market Goods.X. Restricting Trademark Recordation.

XI. Lever Brothers Rule.

XII. Manifest Confidentiality.

XIII. Transshipment of Goods.

XIV. Foreign Cooperation.

XV. Building CBP Enforcement Strategy.