Trademark Basics

This seminar tries to give a general introduction to trademarks. It is intended to provide a somewhat broader but still basic understanding of trademark rights and trademark strategies. The goal is to provide the lay person and the non-IP practitioner with the ability to identify opportunities and dangers in developing a trademark portfolio. Seminar level is BASIC.

Topics include:

I. What is a trademark.

II. Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress.

III. Strength of Trademarks.

IV.Non-Traditional Trademarks.

V. Common Law Trademarks and Rights.

VI. State Trademark Registration.

VII. Federal Trademark Registration.

A. Application process.

B. Office Actions.

C. Oppositions.

D. Cancellations.

E. Post Registration Deadlines.

VIII. Foreign Registrations.

A. Why register abroad?

B. European Community

C. First to Register Jurisdictions.

D. Madrid Protocol.

E. License Recordation.

IX. Infringement and Remedies.

X. Trademark Exhaustion.

XI. Border Protection of Trademarks.

XII. Building a Trademark Portfolio.