Introduction to Intellectual Property:


This seminar packs a lot of content into one hour. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of the three principal forms of intellectual property protection. The goal is to provide the lay person and the non-IP practitioner with the ability to accurately identify forms of intellectual property and key factors necessary to obtain protection. Seminar level is BASIC.

Topics include:

I. Trademarks

A. Common law trademark rights.

B. State trademark registration.

C. Federal trademark registration.

D. Trademark searches.

E. Infringement and remedies.

II. Patents

A. Patent application, requirements and process.

B. Provisional patent application.

C. Patentability search.

D. Patent cooperation treaty.

III. Copyrights

A. What rights are copyrights.

B. What types of works are protected.

C. Copyright registration requirements.

D. Commercial copyright uses.

IV. Building Intellectual Property Portfolios